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To your new Blogger users, there is a difference in making a link, please follow these steps:

Login to blogger with your ID

Click the Layout menu

Click Page Elements

Click Add a Page Element

Click ADD TO BLOG on the menu Link List

Write the title link in the Title field next to the form. The example in my blog is "Link Partner" or whatever you please

Fill in the number you want to show the link in your blog on the form Number of Links to show in list, if you want to limit the number of links that will show, if you do not want to limit please in clear only.

Sorting on the form, please select the sort Alphabetically if you want your link on sort by letter alphabet (from A -> Z), or select revers Alphabetically sort if you want a link that you created in sort in reverse order (starting from Z - > A). If you do not want them, ie links that appear in accordance with which you created, please select Do not Sort

Write the address of the URL to the Links on the form of New Site URL. Example: http: / / column-tutorial.blogspot.com

Write a name or word you want appears on the link that you created in the form of New Site Name. For example: Blog Tutorial.

Click Add Link, if the link you created more than one. Please fill out all forms in accordance with the steps above.

Click Save Changes when finished

If you want to put links that you created earlier, please point your mouse to the box the new link you created, then press and hold the mouse while on move to where you want (in drag & drop).

Click SAVE. Completed

Create a link from a picture or image

If you have a picture, and want to make the image a link. So do I like the following:

Upload your own image hosting site to store pictures, examples http://www.photobucket.com.

If you have uploaded your image, that image is given a URL, copy the address on the notepad. For example chicklet image blog has a tutorial in addition to the URL address:


Well if you want to make the image into a link, the code which is written:

(Code on one line)

if you want in a new window:

(Code on one line)

Link title

Maybe you are confused, ko title Link title discussion on this topic titled? To clarify this discussion, please return to the page on this blog and then point your mouse to the writing business recipe, try to let stand a minute on that link, then not long after the note Want to learn to make your own website please click here. Well now you probably already know what I mean, so there is a link words to emphasize your invitation to readers to click on the link. To make the title of this link is very easy, ie you only need to add title = "..." on links that you create. Examples like that I gave above:

Prescription business

not easy. Good luck.

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