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Cara Membuat link

In the world of blogs, of course you are not familiar with the name link. If you are a blogger (blogging handyman said jakarta mah), of course, makes the link is a must. Unlike the website in general, in the universe as the blog's no such thing as link exchange or exchanging links with other blogs, so if you can not make a link, this may result in you will be in exile alias on ignore by other bloggers because it is considered stingy in provide a link. The topic of this link, I will mengulasnya in several sub sections namely:

Links to those posts

If you create an article for the post, then in his wish in make a link, eg, the article tells the story of the business that you follow on a website on the internet, then you want to invite the readers of the article is to visit websites that you describe. Suppose that in the article were the words as if you are interested please click here, well to make a link from the words please follow the following steps:

Highlight the words you want to create a link, the example above is click here.

Click on the icon with a picture like this that are on the toolbar, then after that will appear in a new window http:// writing is shaped like the image below:

[Link new window]

Fill the box with no writing site address you want, for example: http://www.resepbisnis.com/?id=rohman

Click OK. Completed

Links with new window

Maybe you have a mind, if you make a reader clicks on a link then, you kwawatir if our blog visitors will leave our blog. To minimize this, can be done by making the new window, so when a visitor clicks on one link that we make, our blog page will not be hit with a new page but what happens is your blog page still exists and a new page on click will appear separately. As an example, please click on Business or Sale plus recipes on the banner above the header. When you click it, will create a new window. To create a link like this can be done by means of:

If already do I create a link like the above information, click the Edit HTML tab on the toolbar.

In earlier writings we link will display the code like this (writing sample click on the link here to click here:

click here

then here you have to add a frill HTML code target = "new" or target = "_blank" at the beginning or end of the code. Example of code that is already in the modification are:

click here


click here

or it could be like this:

click here

Create Links in the sidebar

If you are intending to make a link to your friends in the sidebar, the easiest way is like this: (for classic templates)

Sign in blogger with your id

Click the TEMPLATE

Click Edit HTML

Click Edit

Click Find (on this page) ... -> to speed up the search


Write the word where you want to place, for example on my blog is Links of friends, click Find

Write down the link you want, for example if you want to make a link to my blog, the code which is written:

Blog Tutorial

Click Save Template Changes. Completed

A little clue for you. If you're fiddling with the code before the obrak Templates should tear apart, you should first copy the entire template into a notepad, this just in case if you make a mistake, you can restore kesemula because it has a data backup template. Or it could be before you click Save Template Changes button you should first click the preview button to see the changes that you do, when it fits with the new changes in the Save Template Changes.

To be continued: please click click here

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