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Surveyor / Marketing Officer and Credit Analyst Job in PT.Magna Finance Cabang Jambi

PT. Magna Car Finance is a finance company which has 22 branches and is expanding in all regions in Indonesia. In order to support rapid business growth proves young professionals who dare to face the challenge ahead.

Field required is as follows:

1. Surveyor / Marketing Officer (Code: "MO")

with the following requirements:

Preference will be given which has good relations with dealers / car showroom
Able to work under pressure and achieve targets
Having their own vehicle and SIM C
D3/S1 minimum education, for a fresh graduate will be given training
Maximum age 28 years

2. Credit Analyst (Code: "CA")

With the following requirements:

Minimum 1 year credit analyst at a bank or a multi finance
Able to analyze data and analyze consumer characteristics
Able to work under pressure and achieve targets
Minimum Education D3/S1
Maximum age 30 years

3. General Requirements:

IP minimum 2.75
Computer literate (excel and word minimum)
Having a work ethic, enthusiasm, honest, thorough and has a positive attitude.
Willing to participate in training

For those who do not qualify above expected not to submit an application. cover letter accompanied the CV, Pas Photo 4 × 6 cm and the application code list on the left of the envelope, prior to 30 July 2010.

to address:


Riyadi Jl.Slamet No. 105, Sei Princess
Telanai Pura - Jambi

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